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ShipTest is a project that will redefine the way ships’ hull NDT inspection is held, taking at large the inspection process out of the dry-docks and making the procedures simple and accessible even to non-specialized operators.

The system requires minimal preparation; and will be available to perform welding inspection and also corrosion mapping. The operator places it on the ship hull and the robotic crawler is performing a pre-determined scan pattern in order to complete the required inspection. Thanks to its laser weld tracking system, ShipTest will be able to identify the ship weld and crawl along to scan the areas required. The scan data are automatically processed and stored for off-line evaluation by an NDT expert. A special software module performs pre-analysis in order to identify indications of potential defects. The NDT expert can therefore examine only these pieces of data instead of going through the entire data set. In this way, the assessment can be carried out efficiently. 

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Roadmap to commercialization

Having demonstrated a fully operational system at TRL6, our next steps will involve the extra effort required to successfully commercialise ShipTest. The roadmap of these activities is the following:

  • To refine the robotic manipulator into a more compact and agile platform that integrates every single subsystem and finalise the whole system, implementing IP67 protection by applying protective layers and waterproof casing, for it to endure the marine environment.
  • To integrate each software module in a single platform so as to enhance maintainability and ease of use.
  • To optimize the GUI into a simplified, user friendly version, following a user-centred approach and establish a cloud based platform to enable cloud storage of pre-processed data.
  • To test the system performance in operational environment and ensure compliance with standards by certifying ShipTest with ISO, CEN and CE mark.
  • To establish a sales team with deep market knowledge that will deploy our marketing strategy, ensuring IPR protection, producing promotion material, and raise the market awareness through dissemination actions.
  • To establish a distribution network in Europe and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region based on Tecnitest’s, Spectrum Labs’ and Lloyd’s Register’s in-depth knowledge of the NDT market as well as their numerous industrial contacts.
  • To establish a demonstration team and arrange pre-commercial applications to demonstrate our products potential and strengthen customer engagement as early as possible.
  • To perform the necessary pre-launch preparation and business process optimization of the consortium partners to ensure a successful market launch within 1 year after the end of the action.
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Roadmap to commercialization